Access Control Seminar

Stockholm, SE

Nexus Headquarters - October 5 2017

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Preparing for Tomorrow

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A local collaborative seminar designed for access control end-users, integrators and consultants in collaboration with Nexus.

This interactive seminar will offer access control end-users, integrators and consultants a unique perspective on modern access control; including shortfalls of system integrations between video and access control, emerging cybersecurity threats that put legacy access control systems at risk, what open architecture means for end users and migration paths from proprietary to open architecture. 

After this seminar, guests will walk away with a fresh perspective on how access control systems play an important role in end users’ overall security strategy.


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Venue Address

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Nexus Headquarters

Telefonvägen 26 
Tel: +46 8 685 45 60

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Why You Should Attend

  • Explore the benefits of unification and how integration falls short
  • Understand the benefits of an open architecture platform
  • Understand the modern era of cybersecurity threats and its impact on your ACS system
  • Learn more about mobile credentials
  • Learn more about the synergies between Nexus and Genetec
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Who Should Participate

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  • Current or future access control end-users and integrators
  • Access Control architects and engineers consultants
  • Firms needing to speak with Nexus, or Genetec representatives about specific projects/applications
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Seats are limited! Make sure to reserve your place today.

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